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Latest Peke News

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on July 23, 2016 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Maddie has been adopted by her foster mom Barb! YAY!! 

Caesar has been adopted!! YAY!!!

Chewy has been adopted! His new name is Pookie!! 

Teddy has been adopted by his foster mom!! 

2014- December

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on December 7, 2014 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

2014 has definitely been a busy year! December may be even more! As we just start into the month, we found 2 senior males that needed us. Not every rescue will take a senior because they can be high maintenance and expensive. We believe that you help which ever Peke that needs it! 

This is Mr. Bromley. He is one of our new seniors. Isn't he a doll?

Here is Teddy, our other senior. I think he is so handsome!

We also have 2 seniors that we are making their last days as pleasant as possible. With all of these seniors, any donations is greatly appreciated!!! PayPal- [email protected]

Here are 2 of our older babies.....1 has been adopted and the other is being cared for very well by her foster mom (they live together too)

This is Ladybug. Her foster mom, who is King's mom is making sure this will be a Christmas they don't forget!

And here is King! He looks so cute, but not so happy! LOL

Keep in mind that Susan has a lot of beautiful dog or cat bandanas that make great gifts!! Find many prints here: (if you are looking for anything in particular, drop Susan an email about the bandanas: [email protected]

From our families to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! 

September 2013, so far.....

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on September 9, 2013 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been such a busy time for us. It's raining Pekes right now!!! We have rescued 7 Pekes and 2 more on the way! We are currently doing an online auction to raise funds for all of their vetting! The link to check out the auction is: http://

 This is our newest little boy. He doesn't have a name yet. You can bid in the auction for a chance to name him and a wonderful dog gift collection.

 This is Miss Abby. She has had a rough life, until now. She is with a foster in KY that is working to show her that she is special and loved.

 This is Miss Paris. She is the sweetest little girl you'll meet! If you are looking for a love bug, look no further!


This is Mr. Poppy. This little guy is a lover!!! I can't express how sweet he is! Sugar or Honey would be a good name for him! He came from a shelter in KY. He was cuddling with me as soon as we met! I really don't think there is much that he wouldn't be happy about!!


We want to thank all of our members and supporters! Without you, these lives would've been lost! We'd also like to ask for prayers, that someday we won't have to do Peke rescue....that they would all have homes and be loved all their lives!

March 2013

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on March 26, 2013 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This month has brought lots of challenges, partly because of the weather and partly because of things going on with us. But as usual, the Peke rescue never stops.

It took a month to save this little girl, but I am glad we were able to get her out of the KY shelter!

Sugar was almost starved to death, has 1 bad eye and a cataract in the other. She needs a dental, but wasn't stable enough when I first brought her home. I'm taking her back to the vet to see how she's progressing.

Pip is a very special little guy that Susan is working to find a great home for him! 

Jia-Li is a very special little girl that came from a Chicago shelter. It wasn't until she saw the vet that we found out she was blind. She is so amazing, you can barely tell she can't see!! She has been adopted by our very own Erin! She is one lucky girl to have her as a Mom!!!

Happy Easter to you all!!!!

2013: The Road So Far

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on February 1, 2013 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Our darling Toby, now called Wonton had quite a journey to get to his new home. He came from a kill shelter in WV. Was fostered by a great foster mom in KY. Spent the night with me in VA. Took a 2 1/2 hour car ride to the airport in TN. A sweet new friend named Maggie offered to fly him to his new home in FL. Flights got changed, nerves got shook up, but in the end....he made it to his new Mom Alison!! 

Our newest rescue is Willie. He is very scared and skittish. He is very sweet and gets along great with other dogs. We are working with him, hoping he will come out of his shell. We hope to find him a wonderful home soon! 

Ending 2012

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on December 31, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

What a year it has been for us and the Pekes!!! We have saved and re-homed quite a few Pekes!!

We also remember our sweet Henry that we lost. We hope that Petey was there to welcome you when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry for all that you endured!!! We tried to help and we hope that you realized how loved you were your last days on Earth. We will always love our sweet Henry!!! We are so appreciative for the Swager's taking him in and loving him. We can never say thank you enough!!

Our last adoption of 2012 is our sweet Daisy. She is so lovable and sassy. (I think Sassy would've made a great name for her). She spent 2 weeks with us before going on to her forever home. I hope they have a great life together!!

Percy is living the good life with his new Mom and Dad in TN. He is having some stomach issues, so any prayers will be appreciated!!


Hershey made his way from VA to VT to his new home. In the beginning, he was going to be fostered......but by the time Gerry laid eyes on was official. That boy has his new forever home!!! Thanks so much, Gerry!!!

We hope to be able to help other Pekes in need this year to have happy endings, just like these babies got! As a rescue, we don't want to have to do this. We hope and pray that one day, we will be able to say that there are no more Pekes that need help. Until that day, we hope to help all that we can. We are so blessed with such wonderful supporters, FB group members and friends that have helped us to do what we do. Here's hoping that 2013 will be even more successful and more Pekes will find amazing and loving homes!!! God bless you all!!!

September 11,2012

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on September 11, 2012 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Today is a day for our country to remember those that lost their lives and to celebrate the strength of our people. We need to remember how blessed we are and help those who aren't as lucky. 

We do have good news!! Mojo went to his new home! Our little guy that started out forced to live in a tiny pen with several other dogs, working through some problems with his legs, has now found a new and happy life. We are so thankful to have been involved with this special little guy!! Here is a pic of Mojo with his new Mom!!

Miss Sunshine is safe!!! She may have a few health problems to overcome, but she deserves to have happiness for the rest of her life. She has made her way to her foster mom. 

Boone is our special boy in TN. Looks like another shelter wasn't honest with us and he has far more issues going on. His foster mom had him to the vet again. It's gonna be a long road with him, but knowing that he is safe is all that matters. We have started a ChipIn for him for anyone that would be moved to donate to his health recovery.   We would also appreciate prayers for this sweet boy!

Daisy is still looking for her forever home!!! Please spread the word! 

August 21, 2012

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on August 21, 2012 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

On Saturday, Susan and I both attended the Tractor Supply Pet Appreciation Event. We had a really good day. Here in VA, the weather was so nice and we were so blessed to have such nice people visit. They loved Piper and Tanja. Everyone wanted to adopt my girls. I know Susan has the same problem with everyone wanting to take Dudley home with them.

Dude and Smore made the long trip to their forever home this past weekend. We were so thrilled that they found a great home and would be kept together! They were adopted by a previous adopter, Tammy and will be spoiled rotten!! 

Susan has some wonderful bandanas available for sale. She has many seasonal patterns and everyday patterns to chose from. If you would like to check them out, please visit Susan's Facebook page at:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://  If you have a certain pattern in mind that you'd like to order for Susan to make, please email her and she will be glad to take special orders. [email protected]

We are still looking for fosters! We need help in all states. We see Pekes in kill shelters everyday that need help from a foster!

August 1. 2012

Posted by littlepawsbigheartspekerescue on August 1, 2012 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Welcome to the first LPBHPR blog!!

Over the past couple of weeks, things have been so hectic for us. Seems like at every turn, Pekes were just falling into our laps. Things have slowed some and we are working on getting all of the dogs the care they need or to the place they need to go.

Tiny, now called Daisy went to her forever home 7/22. I don't know when I last saw a lady that was so happy to welcome a new little girl into her home.

Princess, now named Eve made it to her forever home with Mom Libby and Dad Patrick 7/31. Eve also has a much smaller sister named Ellie. She is on her way to a wonderful, happy life. She's come a long way from the kill shelter in WV.

Prince has a potential adopter and we hope he will be on his way home soon.

Daisy is still in NC with her foster mom Tina. She was in worse shape than we were told, so Tina is working to get her skin cleared up. Her ears are much improved. We hope her coat will improve once she gets use to having proper nutrition.

We are still looking for fosters!! The more fosters we have the more Pekes we can help!

We would also appreciate any fundraising ideas that you may have. As you know, it's very expensive to properly take care of a Peke. When you are talking about dogs that have been without medical care and proper nutrition, vets costs can soar!

Thank you all for your support! God bless!!