Some Of Our Adopted Pekes Some Of Our Adopted Pekes Ava in VA Will soon be ready for adoption. Check back later :) 198337203 Arnold Arnold is a lovable and playful little guy. He went to a wonderful home to great parents in IL in 2011. 161715492 Mikey Mikey is our super handsome senior. He is sweet and active. He enjoys going for walks, but doesn't go far. His favorite snacks are red bell peppers, carrots and broccoli. He's a cuddlebug, looking for someone to cuddle with! 203044035 Teddy Needs a Forever Home!! eddy is a really sweet 8 year old male Peke. He can be shy with strangers but soon warms up! He's an active boy who likes taking walks. He's lovable and enjoys playing with toys. He is up to date on his shots, has been neutered and has had a dental! He does well with most other dogs, cats and kids! He is micro-chipped for safety! He can be "lap" possessive, but we are working on that with a little training. This little boy is looking for his forever home and a lap to call his own! ***Pekingese are known to live 16 years or more!!!*** 201238896 King in NC He was adopted by his foster Mom, along with Ladybug! 195447680 Sal (in Maine) Now named Mr. Bumblechort, he lives with his family in Maine 184342178 Pookie in KY Pookie is our miracle boy! He was dumped in a kill shelter in KY and basically left there to die. He was so sick from his horribly infected mouth. He had trouble eating, because of the pain. When we had him checked out before his dental, we were informed that he has a heart murmur and CHF. He does take medication for his heart but is doing well. (Both of his meds are on the $4 plan at Wal-Mart.) He is such a sweet and loving boy. Loves to run and play with other dogs. He is laid back and easy going. His foster Mom says he is just the best little guy, you couldn't ask for a better dog. He may be a senior, but he's got many more years of love to give! 190731999 Sophie Sophie lives with her Mom, Dad and brother in VA 183152513 Abby (in KY) Abby really lucked out!!! She was adopted by her loving foster family. Could not ask for a better home for this special girl 188746144 Jessie James in Maine (OLDER AND RESPECTFUL KIDS ONLY! DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY AN ADOPTION FEE!) Jessie James is a 4 year old Pekingese. He has a great temperament, gets along with others and is energetic and full of life. If you think this sweet boy is a good fit for you, contact me today!! Medical: Check ups Neuter Heartworm test Distemper/parvo, bordetella and rabies shots Worming Flea prevention Heartworm prevention (this is a list of expenses for Jessie, not including foods, treats, toys, pee pads &; other misc. items) 190732001 Tinkerbell, now Keiko Keiko lives with her Mom, Dad and 2 brothers in KY 180261028 Pearl in Maine Pearl is our lovely, 4 year old female Pekingese. She gets along with other dogs, is curious about cats and like to run after them. But she does not hurt the cats I would not put her with kids younger than 8 or so She is loving and sweet and affectionate She is active and likes walks, but could use some guidance on leash She is chatty and a little growly at first until she gets to know you . NO bite history She has had an injury to her eye at some point. It's all healed now, but she doesn't have much...if any vision in the 1 eye. That doesn't slow her down at all!! ***Adoption Process*** 1. We begin with an application to get more info about any and all potential adopters 2. Next, we call all references, especially the vet reference 3. If all that goes well, we do a home visit to make sure the home is a safe environment. You can also meet the Peke, in some situations, to make sure the chemistry is there. (No obligation until the adoption contract is signed and the fee has been paid) 191468638 Hurricane This is Hurricane. He is a spunky and sweet male. He is 3-4 years old. He is currently in Maine with a foster. He needs an adopter that will be patient and will give him some direction. He gets along with small dogs and kids. With big dogs, he tries to show them he's the boss. If this lover boy is for you, please email 180802379 Paris (in Maine) Paris was adopted by her foster mom 1/14 184342180 Lucky Lucky was adopted by a super nice lady in IL 167619685 Yurii Yurii was adopted by his new foster Mom Barb!!!! 188746281 Willie Even thought Willie is very skittish, he has made leaps and bounds. He went to his new home with his Dad and his sister Holly 2/26/13. I hope he has a great and happy life here in VA 174920079 Toby/Wonton Toby is our gorgeous 1 eyed boy. He is so sweet and playful. He is a real love bug! He is mannerly and loves to cuddle! He was adopted by a great lady in FL! 168820486 Daisy, now Lucy Miss Daisy is a little doll/firecracker. She was adopted by Joy in VA near me. I hope she has a happy and healthy life with her new mom!!! 167619684 Max (in Maine) Max is 5 year old, neutered male. He was tested negative for heartworm and is up to date on his shots. He gets long well with kids, other dogs and cats. Seems like he would fit into any home well. (A note from his foster Mom: I can vouch for the fact that he is a friendly and energetic boy. He got on well with all my dogs and was ready for a hike at anytime. He loves to run and explore. No couch potato here. He will make someone a fun, balanced and good looking family member!) 185813009 Autumn Sweet and shy little girl ended up being adopted by a person that lives near Susan and she gets to babysit for Autumn 167619683 Gizmo 1 Gizmo is a handsome and loving boy. His mom fell head over heels in love with him. He has become the center of her world. He went to a wonderful home, to a great mom in 2011 161715493 Amore Amore....what more is there to say. She is definitely a love bug. She was snatched up by a wonderful family in 2011 and she is one spoiled little girl 161715494 Sammy Sammy was just adopted! 1/14 185813012 Teddy Bear Teddy is a little guy that lives up to his name. He's soft, cute and you just want to hug him. It didn't take long at all for his new family to fall for him. He was adopted by a great family in IL in 2011 161715495 Casper Casper is a lovely little girl that won the hearts of her foster parents. Once she got there to the kind people that offered to take care of her, they realized that they couldn't let her go. She was adopted into a wonderful home in PA in 2011 161715496 Dudley now Dude Dudley is an outgoing and lovable little guy. He loves to meet new people and new pets. He loves to travel and that's a good thing since he came all the way from CA to his wonderful home in ME 2011 161715497 Frankie Frankie found himself in a very dire situation and needed medical help. His eye had to be removed, but he has done wonderful without it. He now has an amazing home and great parents. He was adopted in 2011 161715498 Amore Her name means love and that's what her life is full of now. She had a rough start, but she finally got her happily ever after! 161715499 Gizmo 2 He is in his forever home, to enjoy his remaining days 161715500 Grandpa/Bubba Bubba is a senior success story. He is another one of those sweet and darling guys that ended up being thrown away. He now has a great family and a super life. He was adopted in 2011 161715501 Henry (RIP) Henry was extremely emaciated and left to die. He had a wonderful foster family that took amazing care of him and helped to nurse him to health. He had come so far, but a surgery to save his life ended it shorter than we would've liked. He is in the adopted album because he had a family and knew love at the end of his life. 161715502 Hope Hope is our special needs happy ending. She was thrown from a moving vehicle and as a result, she has some paralysis. After some vetting and some alternative medicine, she has made a huge improvement. She was adopted in 2011 161715503 Lily Lily started out in rough shape but soon was healthy and happy. She went to a wonderful home in 2011 161715504 Little Girl Her name says a lot about this darling girl. She is so petite and just loves to be carried or held. She was adopted by a great family in 2011 161715505 Bear Bear is such a sweet, lovable guy that his foster mom just couldn't let him go. He found a wonderful home in KY in 2011. He has a Pekingese brother and a kitty brother and is one of the most spoiled Pekes ever. 161715506 Pepe Pepe is one of our seniors that had a very happy ending. He was seriously overweight and needed a lot of help to get healthy. He was adopted by a great couple in ME and they are making every effort to keep him happy and healthy. 161715507 MuShu This cutie was adopted and for some unexplainable reason, was returned to us. He found his real forever home and moved from Massachusetts to Maine 161715508 Sugar Plum Sugar Plum was a miracle dog. She was so sick that no one believed she would make it in the beginning. We are so thankful that she did. She was adopted in 2011. 161715509 Suki Suki is just so sweet. Who could resist her? Her foster parents definitely couldn't because they ended up adopting her in 2011. 161715510 Taffy Taffy is such a sweet and lovable girl. She was adopted in 2011 by a great couple. 161715511 Tiny now Daisy This little girl really is just a tiny lady. She is so gentle and sweet. Never really sees a stranger. She is the ultimate lap dog. She just went to a wonderful home in July 2012 in VA. 161715512 Princess, now called Eve She has stolen the hearts of her new Mommy and Daddy! She is playful and you never know what she will do next! She lives with her Sister Ellie and new brother Boone in TN 161715513 Star Star is the sweetest and most loving little girl. She won the hearts of her foster parents. She had some sickness in the beginning but recovered and now is doing great. She has a wonderful home in South Dakota and a great mom! 161715514 Nikki Nikki is a super sweet and lovable little lady. She's very petite yet can stand her own with Rosco. She and Rosco have a wonderful home and super yard to run free in Indiana. 161715515 Rosco Rosco is a fun, playful, full of life little guy. He's a real comedian. He and Nikki were adopted by some of the best people in the world! They have the run of the home and their great parents have devoted their lives to these 2 babies. 161715516 Beau Beau is a playful and active little guy. He's very sweet to all but cats. Loves to chase them. He went to a wonderful home in Maine 2011. He has a Japanese Chin sister and great parents. 161715517 Tucker Tucker was a long time foster. He was with his foster mom for almost a year before finding a wonderful home in Maine. He went to his new home in June 2012. He has great parents. 161715518 Kokomo Kokomo is a full of life, sweet boy. He was such an easy guy to live with. He just wants to be loved and he gives so much back. He went to a wonderful home in WV. His mom Jennifer is great! 161715519 Patricia We were told that she was about 10. She is just the sweetest girl, so gentle and laid back. She went to a wonderful home in Michigan 2011. She has 2 great moms! 161715520 Mojo Mojo was forced to live in a tiny pen outside with many other dogs, all living on top of each other. He is such a laid back and easy going guy. We are so happy he found his forever home! 165139654 Cashew Cashew was our heartworm positive guy. He went through his treatments and now is very healthy. We was adopted by his foster mom! 166316851 Smore Is a blind senior that was dumped in a shelter in ME to be put to sleep. He and his buddy Dude were adopted by former adopters and now live in Michigan 166318031 Grandpa/Bubba This poor old guy was put on death row. He was flown by a friend to his new home. What a journey this little guy has had 166318032 Trooper He came from a kill shelter in Kansas and made his way to ME. He lives with his parents in northern ME, very close to Canada 166318033 Wonky, now called Lady She was an owner surrender from KY and made her way all the way to Maine to her new home and great Mom 166318034 Milton and his buddy They were owner surrenders and were placed in a great home in Maine 166318035 Charley, aka Sundae After having his eye removed, he made his way to his forever home and now lives a good life 166318036 Dude Dude and Smore are seniors that were dumped in a shelter in ME to be pts. We rescued them, got them the vetting they needed and they were adopted by a great couple in MI. Their Mommies love them so much!! 166318368 Grace We were told that Grace was a Peke mix, but turned out she was a schnauzer. We got her the vetting she needed and asked another rescue if they could place her because we aren't familiar with the breed. She is now in her new home 166318369 Petey Petey was our first rescue. The shelter lied to me about her condition. The vet in OH lied also. When our friend Lisa picked her up, she was at death's door. As the vet examined her, 1 of her eyes ruptured. The vet said the best thing to do was to put her down. I gave the order to do so. It has broken my heart and I still grieve for her. She died 6/11 166318370 Bella A sweet little girl that just needed help to find her forever home 166318554 Percy He is the world's sweetest boy!! He was just adopted by an amazing couple in TN! I will miss him so much 171349209 Hershey He was abused and sentenced to death by people that didn't care about him at all. He is now being cared for by his amazing Dad in VT!! 171349210 Sunshine Our special needs girl is going to be staying with her foster mom, now just Mom in her forever home! She lives in ME! 171349211 Prince now Dagr Sweet and just adorable, this little guy was adopted by a great young lady in PA! 171349212 Boone What a rough life this little man has had! He still has a ways to go to be completely healthy, but his Mom and Dad will see to it that he gets the best care possible. He lives in TN now! 171349214 Jia Li This sweet girl is blind. She was dumped in a Chicago shelter. Thankfully, she was adopted by our Erin. She now lives in VT with mom, dad and Peke siblings 178780241 Pip This beautiful guy was an owner surrender. He will be going to his new home in VA soon!! 178780242 Fluffy This little girl was an owner surrender from KY. She took a long trip to VT to her foster mom. Even though that was a hard trip, she doesn't have to leave. Her foster mom adopted her!!! 178781156 Sammy He now lives in his forever home in ME 190732592 Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa now lives with her new family in Maine 191468714 Bromley 198338384 Ladybug She was adopted by her foster Mom, along with King 198338386 Happy Joy 198338387 Monkey Was adopted by his foster family and lives in NH 198338388